High School Curriculum







textbooksOur primary text book company is A Beka books, located in Pensacola, FL. This fine Christian company has developed and tested their curriculum for over 50 years at Pensacola Christian Academy. A Beka's website explains the process they use in compiling a comprehensive, Christ-centered textbook:

"Our skilled researchers and writers do not paraphrase progressive education textbooks and add Biblical principles; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from God's point of view. Of course, the most original source is always the Word of God, the only foundation for true scholarship in any area of human endeavor. Thus our publications are built upon the firm foundation of Scriptural truth and are written by dedicated and talented Christian scholars who are well grounded in the practical aspects of classroom teaching." 

Our high school uses A Beka text books and some Bob Jones for English, Math, Science and History courses.

classicbooks2In addition to A Beka textbooks, LCA utilizes several college text books for University level courses, classic novels, staples of the Christian faith, and of course, the Bible. We also use Apologia in Science and Saxxon in Mathematics. In the past, our students have studied extensively in the works of C.S. Lewis, John Bunyan, and Jonathan Edwards among others. We believe that our students are provided with a thorough education through a well-rounded and diverse curriculum.

EARN COLLEGE CREDIT WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL! Every year, LCA provides students with the option to earn credit toward their freshman year in college! See the front office for this information.