High School Clubs and Activities




High School


Student Council - The LCA student council is a group that provides a forum for communication and recommendation between the students of Lancaster and the administration, staff, and parents, concerning problems and issues which are important to the student body.

The student council is instrumental in planning social events, class trips, fundraisers, pep rallies, etc. Representatives have been chosen from grades 9 -12 and officers are selected from among that group.

National Honor Society - NHS is an academic honors group open to students who maintain a 3.0 grade point average and who have consistently shown high standards in character and service.

The NHS will take part in community service events and will serve as an academic liason between the student body and administration. NHS members will also have the opportunity to take a trip and receive other privileges throughout the school year.

Drama - The drama club is a group that will meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis throughout the school year to plan the end-of-the-year school performance and chapel skits. Opportunities to act, write, and build are available through this club.

If you have experience in any facet of drama or you would like to learn to act, this is a great opportunity to develop your abilities.

Beta Club - The Beta Club exists for students in grades 9th-12th and is a club that highlights academic success. The students will also participate in community service.

Spanish Club - The Spanish Club is a club for those students wishing to enhance their foreign language skills.

Mu-Alpha Theta - Mu-Alpha Theta is a Math club designed for individuals with a 3.0 GPA and interested in pursuing careers in Math or Business.

Cooking Club - The Cooking Club is open to all students. Participants will learn how to make and enjoy various delicacies.


Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the Earth...

Students gather together before the start of school twice monthly to pray for our student body and to pray for each other. It is a time to carry each other's burdens and to lift each other up as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Film Club Mission Statement/Description:
For the expanse of the student understanding of culture and the film industry, the Film Club's design is to create an environment by which the student is introduced to foreign and independent films, instilling their taste for the independent film industry's culture, history and artistic elements.

The students will encounter exposure to both foreign and American independent films, as well as popular films throughout history, enabling the student to draw paralleling trends with historical movements and modern culture, while developing an appreciation for the film artistic subculture.

Creative Arts Club:
To assist and edify the LCA staff, faculty and student body through creative arts presentations including drama, music, and multimedia.

Games Club: 
The Game Club is a place where kids of like interests in leisure games can meet and engage each other in competition. As part of the club, students are afforded the opportunity to play games in a controlled and monitored environment. Participants are encouraged to discuss the impact of certain games in their life as well as the difference between fictitious situations and reality. 

Pep Club:
The Pep Club is a club that promotes school spirit and enthusiasm for all our sports teams and other extracurricular events. Members do everything from planning and making signs for each Pep Rally to riding in a beautifully decorated convertible or pick-up during the Homecoming Parade. Many have a lot of fun participating in the rallies themselves. Meetings are always announced and take place approximately twice a month.