We request and require cooperation in regard to our dress code. No flip-flops, short-shorts or tank tops allowed, including Fun Fridays. 

Students in grades K-8th must wear an LCA polo shirt purchased through the Academy. Appropriate clothing generates fewer distractions and establishes a more orderly classroom. Shorts and skirts must not be shorter than finger-tip length. Due to foot injuries, we are asking that students wear closed-toe shoes. Please encourage your child to respect the dress code. Our dress code WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. All students who arrive at school out of uniform will be asked to call a parent so appropriate clothing may be brought to school. Repetitive offense may result in suspension or expulsion. 

Thursdays are reserved for Knight's athletic wear. Students may wear current Knight's apparel and jeans on Thursday. LCA reserves the right to take away this privilege for any reason. This privilege is provided for students in order to fundraise for our Athletic Department. 18 

Friday is dress down day. Students who have maintained a proper uniform wear on Monday- Thursday may dress down on Friday. There may be a few Fridays in which the administration will ask the students to wear proper uniform. Uniforms MUST be worn on ALL field trips regardless of the day in which it takes place. 

High School students may wear striped polos and/or buttoned shirts WITH a collar. Students who abuse this policy will have to follow the dress code for the rest of the school. This is a privilege for these students. 

Hoodies and outerwear must be purchased from the school. During the cold weather season, students may wear long sleeve uniform shirts or solid long sleeve white shirts underneath a short sleeve uniform shirt. Jackets must be in uniform guidelines. LCA hoodies may be worn for warmth in classrooms during cold season months. 

Lancaster Christian Academy is committed to providing a safe, friendly learning environment for its students. Attire is not only a reflection of the individual student, but also of the general learning environment. Therefore, students have the responsibility to wear clothing that projects a positive attitude of pride in self, school, and the community. Students are required to wear appropriate, comfortable and safe clothing that is neat, clean and in good taste. No article of clothing shall be worn that distracts from the educational process. 

Building administrators have the final decision as to the appropriateness of all clothing and attire. Following are guidelines for students both in and out of uniform code days: 

1) Vulgar, illegal (including alcohol, drugs, tobacco) and/or sexually oriented statements or suggestions on clothing are not permitted. Any dress or statement that may cause a hostile, intimidating, degrading, offensive, harassing or discriminatory environment is prohibited. 

2) Hats (or other head coverings) and sunglasses will not be permitted to be worn inside the school building unless approved by a principal. 

3) Chains and/or studded accessories are prohibited and will be confiscated until the end of the school year. Accessories that increase a student's risk for accidents are not permitted. 

4) Shorts and skirts will be no shorter than the middle of the thigh. 

5) Shirts and tops will be no lower than one inch below the collarbone, must have sleeves and must be long enough to be tucked in. 

6) See-through clothing and clothing that has excessive rips, tears or holes are not permitted. All undergarments are to be covered. 

7) Oversized clothing, which compromises the safety of students, is not permitted. 

8) Appropriate and safe shoes or sandals will be worn at all times. 

9) Coats are to be worn to and from school only and must be placed in student lockers. 

Failure to comply with the Dress Code guidelines is considered to be an insubordinate act and will be treated as such. Following are the procedures for violations of the school Dress Code: 

1) First Offense: The student will be sent to the Main Office. Student will change clothes or will be sent home to change his/her clothes. Inappropriate accessories will be confiscated. If the student is sent home, this absence will be treated as an unexcused absence. Any class work missed during an unexcused absence may be made up for full credit. Student may be placed in ISS until appropriate clothing can be obtained. 

2) Second Offense: Same as 1st offense. In addition, the student may be assigned to detention. Parents will be contacted. 

3) Third Offense: Same as 1st and 2nd offense. In addition, the student may be assigned to Saturday School. 

4) Further Offenses: The student may be suspended from school.