Lancaster Christian Academy offers a variety of "arts" related outlets for students pre-k through 12th grade.

Students in pre-k through 8th grade will receive art, music, and drama once per week as a part of the curriculum.  Students in high school will select a fine art to focus on for one semester at a time.
We are largely known for our end of the year production LAMP (Lancaster Academy Ministry Presents).  This well done production solicits the participation of all students enrolled into the academy and is shown to an audience of over 1500 people.  The show contains elements of art, drama, comedy, dance, music, media, human video, and much more.  It is the intention of the student body to create a fun, relevant show that in the end points the audience to Christ.
Arts courses offered at LCA include: Art, Music, Drama, Chapel Band, Photography, Media, and Graphic Design.