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Welcome to our Elementary School Page. We are blessed to serve grades K4-5th in our Elementary department. Our Elementary School is a thriving community that focuses our emphasis on education through active, hands on learning. We accomplish this goal through themed weeks, a magnet school program, and fun, educational field trips. Our calendar is full of wonderful opportunities for your child to grow and prosper in the Lord and in an environment that accentuates educating mind, body and spirit.  

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Contact our Faculty: 

Jocelyn Jackson Pre-K jocelyn.jackson@lcaknights.com
Sara Traynor Pre-K sara.straynor@lcaknights.com
Andrea Redmond Pre-K andrea.redmond@lcaknights.com
Meranda Jacobs Pre-K meranda.jacobs@lcaknights.com
Haley Moore Kindergarten, Cheer haley.moore@lcaknights.com
Kim Robinette Kindergarten kim.robinette@lcaknights.com
Evelyn Stevenson        1st Grade evelyn.stevenson@lcaknights.com
Rebeccah Gresh 2nd Grade  rebeccah.gresh@lcaknights.com
Staphanie Mardis 2nd Grade stephanie.mardis@lcaknights.com
Pamela Dunn Magnet School pamela.dunn@lcaknights.com 
Donna Jo Fox 3rd Grade donnajo.fox@lcaknights.com 
Alex Strader 4th Grade alex.strader@lcaknights.com
Vicki Ross 5th Grade vicki.ross@lcaknights.com 
Kayla Smith 3rd Grade kayla.smith@lcaknights.com
Leah Garrigan Art leah.garrigan@lcaknights.com
Shaun Bell P.E. shaun.bell@lcaknights.com
Will Sevier Drama & Music will.sevier@lcaknights.com
Berenice Bonilla Spanish berenice.bonilla@lcaknights.com
Rachel Malpass Elementary School Principal rachel.malpass@lcaknights.com