Good Afternoon Mr. O'dea, 

This email has been a long time coming, so I am glad I took a moment out of my day to write this to you. 

My husband and I are very thankful that about 4 years ago, we found Lancaster.  I remember taking the tour with Ms. Tammy about a month before I gave birth, and I was amazed at the professionalism and kindness that she offered.  I ended up looking at other centers, but nothing compared to Lancaster.  I always joke with friends and say, "I probably didn't give the other places a chance since I toured Lancaster first." 

It has been an awesome experience, and Jessi has learned so much.  We try to teach her at home, but you know how that goes, she'd rather play than learn at home, which can be a good thing because home is where the heart is.  

But I wanted to just highlight the office staff.  Wow you have two amazing principals, Ms. April and Ms. Tammy at ELC and of course I can't forget Linda; who is always smiling when you see her. All three of them is what may ELC go round I think. 

I have had nothing but good experiences with Ms. April and Ms. Tammy.  I mean if you have a concern they will address it and be open about it.  I have always felt comfortable with taking with them because they make you feel like they care.  When Jessi moves up a class, I am always nervous because you never know how she will respond, but Ms. April knows what she's doing and Jessi always ends up shining in her classrooms.  I can trust them both to do what is best for our little girl.  

I am excited that Jessi is now in PreK and it's thanks to the team you have here at ELC.  I can't wait to become more involved in activities there, and be a class mom so to speak.  These are exciting times for our daughter and if God keeps giving us the means to bring Jessi here, we will continue to do so because we love Lancaster.  

I could go on and on, but I just wanted to just highlight Ms. April and Ms. Tammy and Ms. Linda. They are amazing to work with.  Thank you for continuing to love on Jessi.  She loves Lancaster and so do we.  

Carla Mahlberg




Happy Monday Mrs. April, 


     I just wanted to send out a shout out, thank you and just praise on Jessica's teacher, Mrs. Johnson.  I am telling you, she is amazing and Jessi loves her very much!  

She has learned so much since she has been in her class and it hasn't been that very long.  I love how Mrs. Johnson, I still want to call her Ms. Kristin LOL, keeps us informed on a daily basis of how Jessi is doing. I love the Class Dojo that she has implemented, it has really beefed up communication, and I absolutely love that!


Knowing that she is learning mentally about fundamental things like letters and numbers are positive, but the fact that Jessi gets to also learn about Jesus just makes my heart smile.  She is growing rapidly and it's because of her wisdom and guidance; which just makes me thankful that we found Lancaster; we are so blessed to have been given awesome teachers.  I have only been pleased with you all and I can't imagine life without Lancaster Christian Academy. 


     I can't believe my daughter is going into Pre-K and it's teachers like Mrs. Johnson that make it possible.  I hope and pray that Tommy and I will always be able to send Jessi to Lancaster.  I am excited about her future and it's because of teachers like Mrs. Johnson who really care and love on the babies, you could not have picked a better teacher for her in Pre-K readiness and Pre-K for the summer.  I am excited to see who her new teacher will be in the fall but sad that it's not Mrs. Johnson although when she goes back to ELC, the parents will see what a gem she is.  

Have a fantastic rest of the week!


Carla Mahlberg. 


LCA ELC Faculty and Staff,

From the minute I walked into tour the ELC, I knew there was no better place for my son to be.  We were welcomed to the school like family.  The ELC is warm, welcoming, caring, positive, and fun.  I have seen, first hand, my son grow so much from this amazing school. Not only through academics, but also in his faith. My 3- year old prays, not only with me, but for me.  He has learned more than I have ever though possible.  I don't know how anyone can develop a school better than this.  We love the ELC and so blessed to have found it.

Jessica Walker


April & ELC Staff,

Since tomorrow will be Colton's last day, I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how grateful I am to you and the rest of the staff at LCA.  I can't begin to express my sincere appreciation for the love, patience and dedication you and your staff have shown to Colton over the years.  Mrs. Cherie is fabulous and we love her.  I honestly believe she truly loves, not only Colton, but also little Caleb.  She's like part of our family.  Ms. Traynor was amazing with Cole last year.  He was definitely apprehensive about leaving Mrs. Cherie but she was patient and kind and in no time, he felt at home in her classroom.  To all the amazing staff that stays late and comes in early, you are fabulous too.  I can't say enough kind words about everyone.  I can only hope that his kindergarten teacher in Nolensville is half as amazing as the teacher and staff are at LCA.  Thank you for providing my son, not only a great educational foundation, but also for loving him and teaching him of God's amazing love for each of us.  It warms my heart to hear him and Caleb talking about God and how he's our father and loves us.  With all that being said, thank you for being Colton's second family for all these years, you aren't done with the Paxtons quite yet, the little brother still has a ways to go!

Heather Paxton



The ELC has been a second home to my daughter.  It is a friendly and Christian environment that is conducive to any‘s growth and development.  The teachers are dedicated to the children and work well in collaborating with the parents. 


Elisa Jones