Welcome to Knights Nation! 

I have the honor and privilege to serve as the Athletic Director at Lancaster Christian Academy. Sports are a passion of mine and I’m excited about the many opportunities our student-athletes have to participate in sports here at LCA.  

The athletic program at Lancaster Christian Academy follows alongside the overarching mission of the school which is, making Jesus Christ famous in the lives of our students and for our students to make Jesus famous within their realm of influence in the city, the state, the country and around the world.  

Athletics will be used as a vehicle to glorify Jesus Christ. Athletics plays an essential role in teaching students to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, make sacrifices, strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, and find joy in the realm of competitive sports. A standard of commitment to teamwork and serving with humility will be expected as we compete in our respective sports with dignity. The experiences each athlete will receive will be served as “life lessons.” These experiences will be valued opportunities for each athlete to take with them beyond the high school years! 

Coaches at Lancaster Christian Academy will be intentional about building relationships with our athletes. Through healthy relationships and community our athletes will understand their value and self-worth. This will help foster confidence and naturally motivate each athlete to strive for excellence  (1 Corinthians 9:24) in all areas of their life.