Our magnet program serves students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Magnet students will encounter real-life experiences and hands-on learning at an accelerated pace.  Students take part in activities utilizing technology and other outside resources to nurture their love for learning.  Students see an emphasis on the arts and kinetic movement to demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom.  A holistic approach to learning is utilized for creative writing and STEM activities, activating evaluation, and the creation of the learner.   

The magnet classroom provides flexibility with a full-day of learning to go above and beyond.  Students have the freedom to uncover the knowledge of a lesson by exploring individually first, among their peers second, and as a class.  This learning style cultivates and encourages the necessary and positive struggle of becoming a true critical thinker.  The magnet program provides a favorable climate for students to discover, explore, and encounter a limitless learning environment.  
  • K-4 Students - Completion of a Full Year of Certified Early Learning Program
  • Entrance Exam Score of 85% or Greater
  • Letter of Recommendation from Pre-K Teacher 
  • Standardized Test Scores Reviewed
  • Completed Magnet Program Application (Due the first week of April)
  • Standardized Test Scores of 2-Years Above Grade Level for Math and/or Reading/Language Art 
  • Standardized Test Scores At Current Grade Level or Above for all Other Subjects
  • Letters of Recommendation from Previous or Current Teacher 
  • Completed Magnet Program Application (Due the first week of April)