• Senior, Katie Stanley

    Growing up, I lived my life struggling to please everyone. Caring so much what people thought, I became what the world wanted me to be instead of being myself. I was desperately searching to find myself and what God’s plan was for me. Being surrounded by judge-mental friends in public school only hurt my chances of being more secure in myself.Never feeling confident enough to be who I was created to be, I dreaded attending school each day to be surrounded by negativity and lonesomeness. The Lord grabbed hold of me early in my high school years. My parents and I made the decision to place me in a school that would help nurture and strongly grow my faith. So, Read More
  • Senior, Jordan Whittaker

    Before enrolling into LCA, I had the intentions on just playing football, finishing my first semester of my senior year, and transferring back to my former school. After my first couple of weeks at LCA, my mind was completely changed. I have fallen in love with this school in a very short time. LCA has empowered me to come out of my comfort zone and actively be more passionate about God. Thinking about how much I have changed, I wish I would have attended LCA years ago. My walk with God has continued to get stronger daily.I am Jordan Whitaker, and I plan to acquire a degree in Sports Management or PhysicalEducation to pursue my dream of coaching. Read More
  • Senior, Allison Dougan

    As a little girl, I could not escape the call on my life for something more. I knew there was an adventure to embark on, and I was eager to start my journey. Though I never found that adventure growing up while sitting in pews every Sunday morning and singing hymns with my parents, I did in fact find some sort of temporary fulfillment for the void in my heart. I ran fast after relationships with boys and parties, anything I could get my hands on that would make me forget about the deep issues of my heart. While attending public school my sophomore year, I got invited back into church by one of my close friends.Immediately, I got plugged Read More
  • Senior, Christian Roberts

    Going to Lancaster Christian Academy over the last three years has been nothing less than life changing. I came from a highly populated public school, and going here, I had no idea what to expect. Immediately after starting, I realized that I was no longer part of a school but part of a family. Something that I had noticed was so different from any other school that I had gone to; the teachers and the staff actually care! They not only want to see you academically succeed, but their first priority is to ensure that each and every student has a relationship with Jesus. Very few people get the opportunity to attend a school in which its greatest intention is Read More
  • Senior, Angelica Jordan

    To have come to Lancaster Christian Academy my sophomore year was a life saver. At my prior school, I was verbally bullied, and I wanted an escape. I prayed to God and asked Him to free me from the situation I was in. At the end of my freshman year, I came to Lancaster's end of years how, LAMP. At that moment, I knew that this school was meant for me. I walked out of the show that night smiling and feeling excited about my future. God showed me that night where I needed to be, Lancaster Christian Academy. My life has not been the same since that moment. The teachers here genuinely love the Lord and help guide their Read More
  • Senior, Jayson Freison

    Since I was homeschooled until enrolling into Lancaster Christian Academy, I have never known another school. Upon arrival, I did not know what to expect. My mind was blown after the very first week. The teachers at this school were so inviting. I felt as if I was back at home except with a lot more friends. As I grew older, my faith in God grew stronger even though there were tough times. Every Bible teacher we have had was able to connect with me through a unique way that no one else could have. This connection was not limited to the pastors at Lancaster, but it applied to every teacher that was with me. I have a unique perspective Read More
  • Senior, Cassidy Mortinsen

    When I was young, I always thought that I received salvation based on my parents and my sister’s faith. Basically, I lived out my faith through my sister; everything she did, I did as well. I never made a true commitment to Christ, and I did not understand what it truly meant to have a“relationship” with Him. Ownership of my faith was non-existent.I arrived at Lancaster in fourth grade where I was introduced to caring, joyful teachers who assuredly loved and valued me. They not only wanted me to succeed as a person but as a child inChrist. To have a one-on-one relationship with the almighty God was a concept my teachers wanted me to comprehend and experience. Around my Read More
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